21 beagles are being released by a testing laboratory to RESQ (Pune) for rehabilitation and rehoming. They are 6 years old. They are vaccinated and will be neutered (they cannot have puppies). They have lived their entire lives in isolation of an indoor laboratory. They do not have any of the instincts that one takes for granted in an adult dog - they are not toilet trained, they do not know how to walk on a leash, they take time to trust humans, they don't know how to play with toys, they are shy and nervous. Since they feel insecure in their new surroundings, they have a very high tendency of running away from home.

Stringent security measures have to be followed to ensure their safety.

These Beagles require is lots of patience and commitment to help them learn to live as family pets. Please fill this form if you are interested in taking the responsibility of giving these beautiful animals a forever loving home and family. 



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THE BEAGLES CANNOT TRAVEL BY AIR OR TRAIN. We cannot organise transport of the beagles. You will have to come down personally to accompany the dog back home by road (only) after the adoption process is completed.  Proxy adopters will not be entertained.  We will allow adoptions ONLY if your city is within a 12 hour driving distance from Pune.
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Out station adopters need to personally come down to Pune and make arrangements to accompany the dog back home BY ROAD ONLY
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If recommended by the Adoption Counselling team, what safety measures are you willing to invest in? *

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If you require more specific help with taking care of your beagle than what your counsellor can provide, are you willing to spend time, money and effort to work with a recommended canine behaviourist? *

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Thank you for wanting to adopt a Laboratory Rescued Beagle. 

Please be patient.
Our Adoption team will contact you in serial order which can be expected to take upto 14 days. 

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